How to Start Achieving Your Fitness Goals Without a Gym Membership In Just 6 Weeks
A Simple Way To Get Amazing Results From Your Home, Even If You're Short on Time. 
Does this sound like you?
You're sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired. You are finally in a position to where you know that you need to do something but where do you start?

You don't have access to a gym, let alone a gym membership, and even if you did you wouldn't have time or know what to do. 

You have a few pieces of exercise equipment at home but let's be honest here, it's not exactly the most motivating place. You've got kids, laundry, plenty of things to do so it's easy to get distracted or find an excuse NOT to do it. #guilty

Then there is the eating part... oh lawrd isn't that confusing! 

You feel so overwhelmed with all the nutrition information out there that eventually you say the hell with it and go back to your usual routine. 

If any of this sounds like you I may have a solution...
6-Week Online Workout Challenge
This challenge is designed for those that WANT to get started on feeling healthy, getting in shape but have limited time and limited access to high-end gym equipment. 
So How Does The Challenge Work?
Starting Jan 20th we will be doing 6 daily workouts for 6 weeks in our private membership page! 

Every workout is designed keeping three things into consideration:

Very Little Equipment Needed

You will not need any fancy equipment with these workouts. A few pair of dumbbells and some bands will be plenty. All can be purchased on FB marketplace or Amazon with prime shipping. If you don't have any we will tell you specifically what to get.

Quick and to The Point.

It would be nice to have 90min to workout, but not every day can be like that. These will have the option of being as little as 20min to 40min depending on your time. You will be doing HIIT style training designed to get the most bang for your buck and get you back to your day. 

Exercise Alternatives

We understand that not everyone is at the same level; some movements are not the best for your body. We provide exercise alternatives to each movement so you can discover what variation feels best to your body to keep you moving along.
What About Nutrition?
Nutrition is a big part of making any jump start, any health challenge, or any transformation work. At our household, we are BIG believers in keeping things simple, straightforward (no funky ingredients), efficient (like 10min or less), and tasty

Here is what you get:

Nutritional Guide:

In the guide, we will answer common questions, nutrition myths, quick tips, and education on how to make the best decisions of certain situations. We share with you what coaching over 20 years has taught us about eating better and getting results.


We will include some of our favorite simple, easy to make recipes. Recipes such as breakfast cookies (yes high protein breakfast cookies), vegetarian dishes, we even included drink recipes for when you're out with friends but still want to make the best decision possible. 

The ideal day of eating template

This template is an exact template we use at RTC to teach and guide our members on what we consider an ideal of eating should look like when it comes to deciding WHAT to eat. We've included the ideal protein, carb, and fat sources in addition to determining how much to eat. We also added a vegetarian/vegan template as well :-)
Community Support

If you have Facebook you'll have a community of people that you can ask questions, get support, and hold each other accountable. Also, you can most definitely ask your questions.

Here Are What A Few Have Said So Far...
I'm sure you already have questions so let me answer some of those for you now.
When does the challenge start?
The challenge starts Jan 20th. 
How do we get the workouts?
Once you sign up you'll get access to our private page with the workouts uploaded and ready to go! NOW... you will only see a few workouts at time, not all will be accessible, why? Well... we gotta keep you on your toes ;-)
How long are the workouts?
The workouts can range from as little as 20min to up to 45min. NOW... each workout is built for 20min BUT there we have included options to go longer (30min, 40min, 45+min). 
Whats the cost for the challenge?
It's a one time fee of $99. No contracts, no monthly payments, no commitment afterwards. 
Will I need a treadmill or bike?
No. No cardio equipment is needed. Great if you have it, but we won't use it in our workouts. 
What is the eating guideline like?
What we send are our eating principles that our members at RTC get and what we live by at our household. We won't be giving specific meal plans, we are not RDs, but we will provide you with a list of foods, recipes, tools that we give our personal training clients, and eating templates to help give you some framework for what may help you find your ideal way of eating. 
Do I win anything?
Just the momentum to get in better shape! We aren't here to bribe you to change your body with prizes and cash; this can lead to a crash diet, which is not a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Instead, we help you answer the question 'what if I just worked on myself for 6 weeks, what could I actually do?'
Do I have to have a FB account?
No! All of the workouts will be in our private website, though we will have a facebook group, it is NOT required to join our challenge. 
What happens if I miss a workout?
Nothing! You will still have access to the workouts from the previous weeks so you can catch back up or do them when your schedule allows. 
What are the workouts like?
All workouts are designed by Travis Merritt BS, CPT with over 20 years of personal training experience with a focus on total body HIIT training. Meaning, these are going to periods of higher intensity exercises (example 40sec of work followed by short rest 20sec rest). No high impact but lots of variety. 

The goal is to get your HR up, get you to break a sweat, burn lots of calories, pump blood into those muscles and keep it going for the entire workout. 
What if I don't have gym equipment?
You will eventually need to invest in a few inexpensive pieces because half of the workouts do require dumbbells and bands. 10 and 15-pound dumbbells are a great start (many people are looking to get rid of theirs), and we will show you what bands we recommend (usually about $30 for the set on Amazon.) 
Do I need to get any supplements?
No. We will show you what we use in our day to day life but supplements are not required. 
6 Week Online Workout Challenge - $99
Days Remaining to Sign-up...
Look, we have no interest in trying to 'bribe' you into joining. The fact of the matter is we only want to help people that WANT to jumpstart their results with limited time and a no-nonsense approach. That's it.  


...if you're in a position in your life that you're ready for a change and ready to see that light at the end of the tunnel then let's go!

In Health,
Brandi and Travis
6 Week Online Workout Challenge - $99
Days Remaining to Sign-up...
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